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Valy is in Regular Work and Has Won In Hand Classes

Hi Alex. You asked for an update on Valy.. In January 2012 my Spanish mare, who was imported in 2007 went lame. After a couple of months and nearly 2k insurance money my vet diagnosed a tear in the sesamodian ligament. Valy then had about 12 weeks box rest and after that time there was very little improvement. I took her to other vets for a second opinion and it was found that she had scar tissue on her deep digital flexor tendon and suspensory ligament. To this day we are not really sure what the injury was. However after this Valy went away for 2 separate weeks to have Hydro therapy and did improve quite a bit. We introduced gradual turnout.
About six months later, a year after the original injury I started to walk her out. For a while Valy was on a joint supplement but it had high levels of glucosamine in it and although it helped her I was concerned as she had had a touch of laminitis previously. Then a friend told me about Hack Up and I rang Alex. We had a chat and he made up a supplement for Valy tailored to her individual requirements. That was nearly 3 years ago. Since then, generally Valy has been much better. She still has good days and bad days but on the whole she is so much better. She will never be 100% but thanks to Alex and Hack Up she is in regular work and has won in hand classes at Brooms and the Spanish Breed Show at Hartpury.
I really do recommend Hack Up and would like to Thank you for all your help.
Sarah Rogers

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