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Vet owner over the moon with rideable Molly! With help from bespoke

I've been meaning to say thank you for a little while. Molly started on her head discomfort bespoke last year, after becoming increasingly distressed last May, resulting in a withdrawal at an event as she became so stressed she was rearing and trying to kick her face. As a vet, I started on all the normal work up, showing me an allergic element, BUT not consistent enough to use clinical options. I started her on her Bespoke and although there was not a 100% improvement she was much happier! This year she restarted the Bespoke in March, has worn a nose net all the time and has Air to help her on bad days. (I know when this is as her ears flop to the side) So, touch wood we are coming to the end of her pollen triggers, with a rideable happy horse. This is a picture of Molly schooling around Poplar Park with no symptoms apart from wanting a scratch at the end. Thank you!

Grace Starling

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