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Vicky Cosburn gives updates on her 2 horses

My boys are getting on really well. Rufus is now under saddle and being a poppet about everything. I am hopefully going to introduce the growth supplement that was suggested as he still seems to be struggling with growing pains and can be a bit grumpy and stiff. Sjoerd is really seeming to be a diamond in the rough. He now carries much less tension.  I can actually lead him, tie him up and ride him in the wind without him spinning, bronking or setting his neck and jaw against me. He is now not spooking at EVERYTHING. What I am most impressed with that despite both of them being on a Bespoke calm neither have lost their personalities and they are both still reactive and smart rides it hasn't just knocked them out. REALLY HAPPY. I recommend Hack up whenever anyone asks what I think 🙂

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