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Wally is very challenging and since being on his bespoke supplement his overall behaviour is better


This is Wally, a 13.1, 14 year old Haflinger.
I have owned him for 8 years and he is a challenge. Wally over reacts to situations, I have been told his flight instinct is so strong that he forgets about anything else except getting away. I have tried numerous calmers and balancers but nothing seemed to help.
I am an older rider and like to have a go at lots of things, it helps keep Wally's mind on me instead of looking for bogeymen! However, I have had two nasty falls due to Wally running at warp speed and ducking away from something only he can see. My confidence is now at an all time low, I no longer jump him and the few times that I have tried to hack out I feel like my life is about to end! We now do dressage and attend clinics and riding club training sessions where I feel safe. This pony is capable of so much more, I just need to feel safe on him again.
That is why I decided to try your bespoke supplement. Wally's overall behaviour is better than it was but he is still very quick to go into flight mode. The Step Free doesn't really seem to make any difference but overall he is calmer just on the supplement. He just doesn't seem to be able to help himself when he thinks he is in danger especially if he thinks he can hear something but can't see anything! 
I know I need to work on my confidence but it is very hard when I have learnt the hard way what Wally is capable of. I had never hurt myself until these last couple of years and at my age it came as a shock! I will not give up on this pony, he is my best friend despite what he has done and I really hope we can get back to where we were before the falls. He is improving and hopefully with the help of your bespoke supplement we will get there.
If anyone ever asks for a supplement that works I always mention you as Wally is doing well and I feel yours is the only supplement that has actually made a difference.
Sorry for the essay!
Donna Partlett


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