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We wondered if he'd ever survive the emergency surgery, now look at him!

"In August 2013 our lovely horse had to have emergency surgery to remove an unidentified foreign body from his elbow, it was touch and go for a while and we wondered if he would survive, never mind return to his career show jumping. We felt blessed when he did survive and we were able to bring him back in to work but as he got fitter and we started to ask more of him he just didn't feel "right". The vets said he was fine and it was just the way he was now but I wasn't convinced. That evening I did some research on the Internet and found some brilliant reviews for Hack Up Bespoke and I hurriedly filled in a form giving all Quigley's details and pressed the send button. Imagine my surprise when I had a reply the very next morning with suggestions for a joint bespoke supplement. I ordered and it arrived quickly and I started the loading dose. Within a week Quigley was feeling much more like his old amazing self and after a month was winning at his first show back after the surgery. He continues to be on flying form and has won over £1200 BS this year! I can honestly say I'm not sure he would have come back without his Hack up Bespoke and I definitely won't be running out - ever!! Thank you Hack up!"

Julia Hardy

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