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Wendy Thatcher gives her Liquid Caalm feedback

I have a juvenile delinquent for a youngster (now 6 so not so young - and should know better!)
He had his first clip yesterday, so today used Liquid Caalm (I was pleased I remembered) in his feed before I lunged him this morning. Usually he would be as fresh as anything, and buck and bronk for England, hence the fact I wouldn't get on his back the day after clipping.
This morning was different, it was windy, we'd just recently had a downpour of rain, and was reasonably chilly.......well today was brilliant. Not only did he NOT bronk or buck once, he came out from his stable as chilled as anything and worked fantastically on the lunge, calm and completely chilled - what a great product!!! Would definitely recommend 😊
Thank you Alex!!
Wendy Thatcher

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