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What A Difference A Comp / Calm For Males Bespoke Makes!

Before Hack up Bespoke my Gelding was really argumentative to ride and in the field. Anything I asked him to do was an argument and he would jump fences to pick fights with other male horses, especially if there were any mares nearby, resulting in injury to both himself and other horses. I was also becoming increasingly anxious about riding him. I had a few recommendations for Hack Up from a couple of friends and so messaged the team about my issues and was given a Bespoke Comp/Calm for males. What a difference it has made to my horse. His ridden work has come on in leaps and bounds and he can be turned out with geldings with mares nearby and doesn’t want to argue to be top horse anymore. He’s a much more relaxed horse in general and can come in by himself and stands really well. Really happy with Hack Up and would highly recommended. I also get the pure linseed oil for an extra boost to give him. Beth Curtis



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