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When you say JUMP is this what you mean?

Sunny has always been a live wire, he leaps and jumps around all day long. Often when I go to collect him from the field he will often give me one of is ‘high 5’s!”

I have owned Sunny since he was a foal when I bought him and his mother. He is a Trotter cross and has been on a livery yard for years. He has always had a highly spirited character. It was lots of fun when he was little. However, when I wanted to start to compete with him, it began to clash with needing him to co-operate calmly on my terms.  This phase of learning how to manage Sunny saw me working closely with farriers, saddlefitters, trainers and then I found the key – his diet! Alex Gingell was at our livery yard and agreed to pop on Sunny for me so he could feel Sunny for himself.  Riding Sunny, in my opinion, is an acquired taste, but Alex got on and worked him like a true professional and clicked with him immediately. It was as if he had ridden him a hundred times before!  We began calming him, then made him more comfortable and supple and by the time I had my second session with Lee Pearson CBE he thought I had a new horse!




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