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Wilson - Celebrating 2 Years on Hack Up Bespoke Calmer

Hi Alex, just thought I would update you! Just a bit of background, I got Wilson as a "project" 3 years ago (no longer a project! and when I got him he was quite underweight and he came to me very quiet and weak. Obviously after some TLC he came back bouncing and a little bit too full of life! This is when I turned to you looking for a calmer. He has now been on your calming digestive bespoke for around 2 years now. Last week I accidentally ran out of my calmer for Wilson and wow, I didn't realise how effective it was! Wilson recently fractured his splint bone so has been on very light work, last week I literally could hardly get on him, now that he is back on the calmer I feel like he has his brain back! Sometimes people doubt if these supplements actually work, well I can assure you they do! Here's a pic of him out jumping in summer.

Emma Louise West

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