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Win at BD thanks to Hack Up

Riverangel Bo has very strong classic breedlines, but her conformation made buying her a risk that I was very aware of.  Having a 23 year old from the Lucky Boy lines, and loving him dearly, I felt that this horse, despite being perfect, was here for me. I was not looking to buy a horse but my neighbour (Diana Grant) had bought her to event, but she thought her onward canter was so round, that she just had to be a dressage horse. At the time my husband Alex was training Diana and when she pointed Angel out to him and he said that she may suit me.

I knew from the outset that she needed support from supplements to help her stay comfortable as she went into a gental fitness programme beginning with quiet hacks down long country lanes, so Hack Up created an initial formula for her to keep her calm in her new surroundings, comfortable in her muscles and supportive for her joints and connective tissues.  Alex then kept refining the formulation to support her as we gently stepped up her work, as he was riding Angel for the first 6 months of her being here, he could feel exactly what he need to change and when. It was also very important to me that the supplements did not have preservatives, buffers and fillers in as I feed a natural and sugar free diet to all my horses.  

My FMBs Activo-Med rug, which I invested in for my older horse,  was set to rehabilitation settings  but I also invested in their boots to support the vulnerable hind legs, as her assymetric hips could possibly cause a weakness, we were unaware wether the hips was a conformation, birth issue or trauma.  The rug also has pre-warmup and cool down settings that we use around her training and competing times and I certainly feel the difference every time I ride.  It adds to my security that I am doing all I can to protect my special horse.

Within the first 6 months her muscle tone developed really well.  So we gave her more time before I took over the ride and Elizabeth Mills BD Chef D'equipe began training me in July 2013.  Elizabeth could see that Angel was going to be a great dressage horse to get me into the sport and agreed to take me on as a client with the full support that she could provide. She attends shows with me and even works on video sports phychology training to keep my mind focused and nerves at bay.

My desire for dressage was ignited by Albion, who I headed up the marketing for during the 1990's introducing me to amazing riders as Carl Hester, Emile Faurie and Spanish Riding School but prior to this horse, I had only dabbled with a few tests, due to family commitmemts (5 children!). In my 20's I was out county showing and winning with my show hack with a family steeped in part bred arab showing every weekend for years, 'The Walkers' from Yorkshire. To this day my Albion experience ensures that I never ride in anything else, Sophie Rodger, Express Equine regually saddle checks Angel for me, and again that makes an emmence difference to the feel.

My farrier, Mark Atkins worked hard on foot balance and now insists seeing Angel walk, before and after her shoes are fitted, being a big horse we know there are again added risks.  She is shod at 4 - 5 week intervals to keep her toe as short as possible.

Angel works well at home and concentrates all the time, she tries so hard.  But now I have been to two competitions I can feel how she really just wants to show off!  She left me no option but just to sit on and let her do the work under me!   Now after two wins second time out and 68.08% I think I can feel that the basics are there.  I'm convinced that Hack Up bespoke and it's powerful human grades ingredients has played an essential role in Angels progression, I also have a big thank you to Activo-Med for their great products and the rest of the team know how much they are appreciated, I can't wait to try to qualify in June and just hope luck is on our side.  Without Hack Up Bespoke I would never have taken on such an opportunity/challenge.

Hopefully these are babysteps to looking like her daddy Riverman





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