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With Hack Up I can Ride Dakota in the Rain

Not long after buying Dakota she developed head shaking, it started as twitching lips, completely zoning out and then developed into almost throwing herself on the floor if it rained. I spotted a Hack Up post on fb about 2 years ago and thought I'd give it a try as other brands and the nose net weren't touching the sides. I'd owned her for nearly 4 years and never ridden in the rain or if there was a possibility of a shower.... 2 years on and unless you actually knew, you would never guess she was a head shaker, well she isn't anymore since Hack Up. No nose net, no fear, no twitches. The biggest test came a few weeks ago when we went clear round jumping and warmed up in driving rain and while her behaviour wasn't on point she didn't try to throw herself on the floor or show any classic signs. I know she hasn't grown out of head shaking because back in February this year she had colic surgery and in the 10 days of no eating therefore no Hack Up; the glazed look, twitches and ticks returned. Dakota will be on Hack Up for the rest of her days, and may there be many more of them! Alex Gingell
Victoria Southward


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