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Work Experience from University!

I have owned and loved horses for large part of my life and and now studying for my Equine Science Degree at Reaseheath College, Cheshire.

I have worked  as a Saturday girl at Stables Saddlery and Feed Shop, Shorpshire, which is where my interest of equine nutrition really began. Seeing all the messages on Facebook about bespoke products made me want to use my university work experience on find out, why it was seeming to be so different.  I now at the end of week 1 and I am quickly learning that feeding doesn’t have to be complicated in fact, it shouldn’t be. You need to listen to your horse, to what it is telling you it needs, not what we think it should be fed. I am learning how important it is to understand that horses all have their own individual needs, just like us humans. I have been educated that buffers and fillers you see as an ingredient in many branded supplements, are actually often sugars or other poor nutritional ingredients.  Whereas I am helping create products that are all chemical free, I have seen for myself that they are all made on the day of the order, from raw ingredients, mixed by hand, and delivered the next day!  This ensures that supplements are powerful, effective, work quickly and get to you as fast as popping down the shops!  Ellie Deer

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