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WOW!! Megan Is Moving More Freely and Has More Energy Since Being On Her Bespoke

 I thought I would give you an update. My daughter’s pony Megan is doing amazing on your combination you chose for her. She is a Cushing's Pony around 23-25 years old. She used to be very stiff, she hated her back legs being picked up to pick out her feet. You could barely lift them an inch or 2 off the floor. After trying your products on my other horse I got in contact about Megan. WOW!!! She has really improved. She has much more energy and can move a lot easier now. She had her 1st gallop in 2 years and felt so good she did not want to stop :) The difference in her stiffness has really impressed me the most. She is moving more comfortably. She allows us to pick her feet up well off the floor now. Including her back feet and still kept her balance. This has never happened as she could barely lift them off the floor. I would 110% recommend you to everyone. You go above and beyond to help and are very quick and efficient. You really are the best. Thank you from Izzy and Megan.

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