Antonia Brown International BE and National BD rider and trainer

Antonia Brown International BE and National BD rider and trainer

Tim and I have loved Hack Up Bespoke for years and now feel great that we are not adding to the world platic problem by using them.

My first Introduction to Hack up products was speaking to Alex while he was judging at Houghton Hall. He was running a competition for us to try and identify the ingredients that he used in the bespoke products. We got chatting about an older horse that had wear and tear on his joint as well as being a bit of a 'hot head'. Alex provided us with an excellent combination of ingredients that worked brilliantly. We have continued with this and other Hack Up Bespoke products for years now. Recently we have loved receiving these in the fantastic biodegradable bags and now we have also received the convenient little buckets to keep the powders in.   

It is fabulous to see the Healy Eventing team with 3 Gold Euro Wins now all over the Hack Up Bespoke adverts as they are friends of ours who told us back in 2014 that Bespoke is Best!

Liquid Caalm is the only Instant Calmer I have ever seen effects from reliably on all our horses. It enables me to ride them in a test environment as they just keep that extra focus and concentration on me, not what is on the outside of the arena. 

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