Charlotte Thomas - International Dressage Rider

Charlotte Thomas - International Dressage Rider

Over 5 years I have taken countless horses to BD national level and for some reason, I seem to always get older horses that without their bespoke I know would not feel so supple and through.

Charlotte Thomas has an impressive competition record having qualified many horses for the regionals and nationals over the years as well as earning herself places on GB teams. Charlotte is now combining her proven test riding abilities with Alex Gingell BD judge to help riders in the North West improve their test riding skills without the pressure of a show day. International rider Charlotte made her British team debut at just 13 years old. Going on to become a member or the junior European team and world-class program. Since coming out of under 21s Charlotte has been successfully competing up to inter one with places at regional level up to inter 1. Sadly Charlotte lost her top horse as he was just about to go GP but continues to train her current horse towards GP. “ I have ridden a countless horses at regional and national level, whether owned by myself or not they have all been on Hack Up Bespoke supplements tailored to each of them individually. A number of these have been in their teens, without the comfort and mobility they gain from their Hack Up Bespoke supplements I am quite sure we would not have been lucky enough to compete at the highest level like we have “

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