Hack Up Bespoke Supporting Okke Krol's Dutch Dressage
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Hack Up Bespoke Supporting Okke Krol's Dutch Dressage

Okke is a hugely talented dressage rider and trainer and Suffolk is very lucky to have him. He's a real Hack Up Bespoke user, believer and supporter.

Okke moved to the UK in 2009 and set up Dutch Dressage just 10 miles south of Hack Up HQ and in December 2016 he became a very special customer. He's special, because not only did he feel the benefits of Hack Up himself but he also insisted virtually everyone in his yard did too, and many others who he trains. I think he feels a little guilty as he had heard of Hack Up a few years ago and resisted trying us BUT so many times and by so many people he was advised to give us a try - now he's glad he did!!

His 'Dutch Dressage' offers full livery, training livery, sales and competition livery and the facilities are phenomenal. Don't believe me though, listen to what people at the yard say about it as they're keen to let EVERYONE know :).

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