Holly Garrett gets her owners to Buy & Book with Hack Up Bespoke!!
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Hack up bespoke team

Holly Garrett gets her owners to Buy & Book with Hack Up Bespoke!!

A regular at Hickstead and always in the money, Holly relies on Hack Up for joint health, day in and day out.

Holly is a young, capable and talented show jumper who travels across the UK (including Hickstead) winning and getting placed in most classes including 120s.

She understands the importance of clean and healthy joints for her horses and will only consider Hack Up Bespoke to help her with this. Usually Holly gets the largest size of her recommended AI and Joint formula as she doesn't want to run out!

But with the availability of the new Buy & Book facility Holly now gets her owners to sort it direct with Alex for their horses to get fresh deliveries of these powerful and effective supplements at the best possible price, carriage free. 

This is one modern and exciting competitor, certainly one to watch for the future!

  • Hack up bespoke team

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