Maddi Burchell brings a mini bus full of clients
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Hack up bespoke team

Maddi Burchell brings a mini bus full of clients

Finding Hack Up Bespoke though British Dressage East.

British Dressage Eastern arranged a clinic using the offices of Hack Up Bespoke in 2015, unfortunately it was postponed but Maddi never recieved the message and so, after a 2.5 hour drive - she turned up for nothing! But that chance introduction was the beginning of a Hack Up Bespoke and Maddi relationship that has benefited us both hugely!
"It was a frustrating start to the day but the hospitality that was instantly offered to me was something that you don’t often find. Alex and Jayne put on a full open day for me all on my own, through pity, but what an amazing day of mutual feelings and beliefs."  I went home, not trained, but with a bespoke for my advanced horse. My bespoke was to help with strength, we needed more strength to do the 1's consistently and straight. Carl was thrilled with us and I know the difference was the bespoke that was aimed at power, suppleness and mobility. 

Training riders I could instantly feel Alex's experience working before me.  A bespoke supplement is not going to improve the overall way of going but by knowing what you are targeting and aiming for it can just add the edge and nudge the combination forwards to where we were wanting to go.  This helped my training role hugely so I rounded up my clients to learn what I had been taught to help us get better results.

I arranged another dedicated day at Hack Up Bespoke. I loaded up a mini bus with 10 dressage riders from novice upwards and we made the day out to Hack Up Bespoke. Seeing all that I had learnt on my first day with them put into practice and formulated right in front of my eyes, with full logical and knowledgeable understanding on behalf of many of my customers horses was fabulous. It is such a logical, knowledgeable product and really works and really is bespoke! Therefore we can also tweak formulations for maximum effect.  I can not recommend highly enough the power of the bespoke concept to support your very well balanced combination of trainer, fitness, warm-up - cool down sessions, saddle fit, good farrier work, physio, feed and every other detailed aspect of getting the balance and harmony right.  It is another vital part of that blend to give our equine athletes the best we can so they can give the best they can give.  

The best bit is the service is FREE. The products are competitively priced because Alex and Jayne love horses as much as their business. Their personal crusade is to keep horses happier because that is how it sits right for them. The very clever bespoke site even lets us split our payments FREE of charge, save points for fabulous branded products and now there is a new B&B membership where every 16 weeks fresh product is made and sent to you without even ordering – whatever next!

  • Hack up bespoke team

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