Nicky Allen is no ordinary Equine Physiotherapist!
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Nicky Allen is no ordinary Equine Physiotherapist!

Competing up to PSG, Nicky is a real asset to Devon and Cornwall. We heartily recommend her services to you!!

"I just wanted to contact you to let you know what an incredible difference the Hack Up Bespoke products have made, not only to my horses but also myself! I am not sure if you remember but I approached you to help me with my horse Freddie’s tension and allergies at the beginning of this year – you helped make us up a simple to feed set of supplements that has truly changed my horses way of going and has saved me a multitude of time – I am no longer akin to a cordon bleu chef whilst mixing up feeds!

I’m also now using your supplements on my young horse Darcy with equally brilliant results. Recently we chatted on the phone after I helped with a fellow customer in her hard times and I’ve been really impressed with the caring service that you’ve provided in these strange times. Your professionalism, attention to detail and moralistic approach to business is something that I admire and respect. As a result I recommend Hack Up Bespoke to everyone here in the South West of the country.

Being an equine phisiotherapist is so very special to me. I take the job extremely seriously and always do my utmost to tailor the treatments to the individual situation with precision and aptitude. A 'happy horse' is always the goal and however long or hard the journey is to get there, with determination and a growing knowledge bank of what works, I'm usually well armed with what's needed to tick all the boxes.

- I have 20 livery clients that I see on a daily basis and always advise on Hack Up Bespoke products.

- Weekly I see 15/20 equine Physiotherapy clients when I do mobile visits covering the whole of Cornwall and parts of Devon.

- I have regular clinics for working equitation, biomechanics, dressage and showjumping on my yard bringing in riders from all over Cornwall and Devon.

- I hold charity events and recently had planned a “Healthy Horse, Happy Rider” event (sadly postponed this year due to Coronavirus).

- I compete 2 to 3 times a month locally (within Cornwall and Devon) but I’m also a regular team competitor with BDSW and as a result compete nationally.

- Active on Facebook and Instagram, using social networking for the benefit of her customers to keep them feeling included and listened to in these trying times.

When we are out of lockdown (Hopefully soon!) my goals for 2020 are: ·

Area Festivals at Advanced Medium and in the Freestyle to Music with Freddie · Compete my homebred and home produced, Freddie in his first PSG at the Inter County Championships in October (and I would love to have a bash at a Grand Prix test in the very near future. Equally important to me, I'd like to take my homebred youngster Darcy out to her first shows."

Nicky Allen



  • Hack up bespoke team

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