Bespoke Calmer Means We Can Leave Sam

Bespoke Calmer Means We Can Leave Sam

Going out and leaving Sam can be a challenge. Yesterday after being given the bespoke calmer his behaviour was much better and didn't try and intimidate our friend at all.

Wanted to give you a quick update on Sam dog and his canine calmer! Spent day away yesterday at a wedding so left someone we know in charge of doing dogs. Usually getting in the house with Sam is an issue and leaving even more so!!! Yesterday he was perfect and didn't try to intimate our friend at all! Gave him the calmer in his breakfast and has been on it again for 4/5 days (got bitch in season on the farm so Sam’s attitude' deteriorated hence going back on calmer at the moment and knowing we would be away from the day). I find with him there is huge improvement in his temperament and attitude within 24 hrs of being on it. The stool firming ingredients is also working for him too. Thanks as Is a real worry finding people to look after him while we aren't around but the calmer means I just don't have to worry so much 
Gemma Hart


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