Both Horse and Dog Are Happy On Hack Up

Both Horse and Dog Are Happy On Hack Up

I can honestly say since being on Hack Up I have a changed pony. Due to this success I decided to give the canine version try and yet another success.

Just want to say a massive thank you to Alex & all the team at Hack Up. 
My welsh cob Rio has been on supplements for around 18 months now to help with joint and pollen issues, plus he can be a bit of a stress head. I can honestly say he's been a changed pony since. Currently living out as a rather expensive but very chilled & happy field ornament due to me having an accident...Roll on my recovery ðŸ˜

Due to success with the equine supplement I decided to give the canine version a try & yet another success!! Rory is a 7yr old collie with mild hip dysplasia & had been really struggling to get moving especially in the mornings. He was also becoming more uncomfortable after exercise. He's been on hack up for 3 weeks now & I've got a new dog. Rory is happy, relaxed, tail wagging & ready to play even first thing in the morning.
Thank you all for helping to keep my furbabies 

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