Breeding Bitch now chilling!

Breeding Bitch now chilling!

Breeder needed to calm her youngest little girl.

The development of the canine calmers and digestive bespokes are now complete.  My youngest dog is very playful but to the point of possibly endangering herself as she used to bound of the boot of the car and dash off - whether or not there was a road near or not!  Now she is controlled and patient.  Being young does add to her excitement and playfulness but she is now much more trainable and attentive and it is lovely to see. There are no palatability issues and she can be a fussy feeder, this powder is easily absorbed into her moistened feed. She can sometimes have a slightly sensitive tummy but the fresh ginger has fixed that too. I am totally thrilled to be involved in this new and highly effective bespoke supplement development for dogs! Clare Mahner - KC reg Dog Breeder and Profesional Groomer.

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