Bright eyed 'Roxy' is back on form again!!

Bright eyed 'Roxy' is back on form again!!

Loving long walks again as she always did as a younger dog, Roxy is so much more comfortable and mobile thanks to Hack Up Bespoke.

“This is Roxy, she’s almost 7 years old now. From a young age Roxy has suffered from issues with her joints, especially her hind end, this prevented Roxy from enjoying long walks and some days she was unable to manage around the block, she’s been known for being very moody and stroppy and extremely grumpy towards other dogs. I tried so many combinations of supplements etc to help her but nothing made any noticeable difference.
Until I found Hack Up Bespoke!
Since putting Roxy on her supplement from these guys she’s been like a different dog altogether, she’s so much happier in herself, we rarely have mood swings anymore and the best part of all is she goes for long walks every single day now and doesn’t struggle at all! Putting her on this supplement was the best decision I ever made and I’ve got my happy and mobile puppy back??
Gabrielle Higgins

  • Hack up bespoke team

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