Bugs skin is so much clearer and comfortable.

Bugs skin is so much clearer and comfortable.

This little Jack Russel has found comfort from his bespoke. He doesn't itch his skin like crazy anymore and the redness has gone.

Hello. Just wanted to let you know how much I rate the supplement made for my dog. We have been using it and she has completely come off the strong medication which she would normally be on 1 or 2 a day. She’s only a tiny JRT. Anyway the redness had gone and the itching had only been minimal which I think was more out of habit than anything else. The only wish I would have is that it wasn’t powder form as she wasn’t overly keen on it in her food. A tablet would have been great but maybe not possible to produce? So fast forward to the weekend and her sister (collie) has gone away for training. My JRT is pining and gone off her food. The itching has come back in just two days so if I ever doubted that the supplement worked (which I didn’t) I know for sure that it does! Hope you can pass this on to Nicola for me. Thank you xx My friend on the farm along the road has just ordered some and starting using due to our success! Will send you a photo of him showing off his belly to his sheep friends, shame I didn’t take on of a before. Xx Rebecca Greenhorn 

The product created for Bug was to help soothe his skin caused by allergies and to reduce the requirement of medication.

"Dogs supplements are different to horses due to the fact that it is so easy to unsettle their tummies. Most supplements and clinical drugs have side effects that tend to upset their stomachs. I worked very closely with professionals as the range of our first bespokes were created to ensure we did not sell products that would make the dog worse than they were before their owner contacted us for support and help.  We have now formalised our broad range of first bespokes into a fabulous range of First Step Formulation products."

This is what Bug is now thriving on and it is available as a first step introduction to bespoke for everyone.

Select Immune from the dog products page to get the same FIRST STEP FORMULATION.



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