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Dog behaviourist recommends bespoke after seeing results for herself

After seeing results on her horses Helen starts to trial her dogs, who are her profession and is thrilled to see the same resounding success.

Helen Goodall was one of the first to qualify as a dog phychatrist many years ago, she is also a vet nurse so is often getting vet referals for dog behaviour.  Helen runs her behaviour as her own company and first met Hack Up Bespoke for her horses. As she lives locally she collects her hand made bespokes and soon got chatting to the formlators about her own dogs that she could do with some support on.  She was able to see us make products, sit with formulators and learn what was happening in this whole process.

Now years later Helen recommends her customers to us reguallay. She knows and understands the company better than most and loves the natural, preservative Free approach to everything we do.

  • Hack up bespoke team

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