Gus is a chilled version of himself!

Gus is a chilled version of himself!

Gus can now have his excitement but will calm down and settle much much quicker than ever before.

Gus is an adorably cheeky 3yo Maremma Sheepdog who thinks he weighs 3kg not 30! He's easy to get over excited, jump up and use the furniture as a climbing frame. I needed to find a way of calming him down without him losing his love of life, not as easy as you'd think! We turned to Hack Up Bespoke as my partner uses them for the horses and we've used them for the dogs previously. Gus is now on a powdered calmer which just takes the edge off of him going nuts. He still runs around excited but is much quicker to calm back down and doesn't get lost in his madness. If we know we are going somewhere exciting then he has a small shot of Liquid Caalm before we go so that he's nice and chilled for the whole time (was a godsend at Christmas with new toys, kids and elderly relatives). Overall, he's the same dog but just a sweeter, more cuddly and less stressed version. Thank you Hack Up Bespoke for working your magic again. Harry and Fizzy.

  • Hack up bespoke team

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