Hack up makes Luna feel like a 2 year old again !!

Hack up makes Luna feel like a 2 year old again !!

Hack Up helps luna feel young again!!

Luna has been on her Joint / AI Plus supplement for a few weeks now and her Mummy forgot to take the supplement away with her for the weekend. We could notice luna was finding it easier to get into the car on jumping onto the sofa etc however we could see a huge difference when she was not having her supplement. After a couple of days of being back on her supplement she is back to feeling like a spring chicken again!! Bonnie Debenham

Luna's product was created with old age and deterioration in mind. The ability to adjust it as required as her condition determined was crucial.

"Dogs supplements are different to horses due to the fact that it is so easy to unsettle their tummies. Most supplements and clinical drugs have side effects that tend to upset their stomachs. I worked very closely with professionals as the range of our first bespokes were created to ensure we did not sell products that would make the dog worse than they were before their owner contacted us for support and help.  We have now formalised our broad range of first bespokes into a fabulous range of First Step Formulation products."

This is what Luna is now thriving on and is available as a first step introduction to bespoke for everyone.

Select the Joint / AI Plus from the dog products page to get the same FIRST STEP FORMULATION.

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