Happy Horses, Happy Dogs and Extra Points for Inviting A Friend

Happy Horses, Happy Dogs and Extra Points for Inviting A Friend

Clair and Claire Sharing the love of HackUp together. Horses and dogs both on the products and points for both owners.

Our 12th couple to benefit from our "Invite a Friend" to Hack Up Bespoke campaign are - new customer (Clair Gibson) and current Hack Up customer (Clare Bourne). Clare has been a customer for 6 months and has had a remarkable response from using a Calm / Digest / Detox Bespoke and StepFree on her 16hh 12yo "Mac"  and her friend Clair was very envious of the turnaround, and wanted a bit of the same action for her 16hh 13yo Warmblood "Rio". Clare has also just purchased a 250g AI / Joint Canine Bespoke for her 12yo Springer Spaniel too (on left)!!!

Clair got texted a 'Friend Code' by us when she purchased earlier today and has shared it with Clare, who has in turn typed this into a friend code tab at the bottom of her bespoke page. In so doing they both share 10 POINTS, instantly and automatically - AND as we all know Points Make Prizes!!




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