Liquid Caalm reduces anxiety in my dog

Liquid Caalm reduces anxiety in my dog

I was amazed at the results in a thunderstorm and now use the product every few days to keep my wonderful dog settled.

Szello is a 6 year old Hungarian Vizsla.  As a puppy, she was part of rescue case in Budapest in which there was a family of 4 dogs and five puppies that had been starved, neglected and abused. At the point of confiscation, Szello was suffering from a broken rib from being kicked, in addition to other issues as a result of her neglect.

Although Szello joined my family from an early age, due to her early experience of life she is a very sensitive soul finding it hard to trust new people and being very ‘noise reactive’.  The main things that cause a reaction are gameshow’s on TV, thunderstorms, fireworks and the sound of the Army cadets practicing their drills next door (even after 5 years this still causes the same response).

The main symptoms with Szello are general anxiety; unsettled, pacing, excessive panting, red eyes, trying to bury herself behind or under something and climbing as high as possible.

Over the years I have tried many different things to help Szello achieve a happier lifestyle including socialisation, behaviourist, Tellington TTouch, desensitizing CD’s, keeping the radio and TV on, thundershirts, pheromone plug in’s, collars and sprays and prescription medication for the worst times in the year (Bonfire night). I am not keen on sedatives as am concerned with potential side effects and concerns around drowsiness

As a general rule I often end up sitting in the shower cubicle with Szello in an attempt to calm her as this seems to be her only safe place.

A recent incident spurred me on to further my research; whilst I was at work, I received a phone call making me aware that Szello had been found on my roof having somehow managed to climb through a skylight. I searched online and came across ‘Hackup Bespoke’. There were multiple reviews and a Facebook forum highlighting the positive results that multiple people had experienced through the use of the bespoke supplements. 

I found the website and after completing Szello’s profile online highlighting her issues, a bespoke formula was developed specifically for Szello which was to be added to her feed daily.  It was also suggested to use ‘liquid caalm’ as an additional support in instances where Szello needed instant or more intensive calming.

I placed my order and started Szello on her supplement and was delighted to see that her anxiety behaviours in the circumstances that would generally send her into a panic were significantly reduced.

It wasn’t long before I was able to test the ‘Liquid Caalm’ during a thunderstorm in the middle of the night.  Szello was already exhibiting the usual signs of stress; panting and pacing and trying to squeeze herself behind cupboards.  I was surprised that she was still happy to drink the liquid formula which was simple to administer to the correct dosage.

To my absolute amazement, within 10 minutes, Szello took herself back to her bed and settled down before going to sleep! I had already prepared myself for a restless night in the shower cubicle so I was elated!!

How refreshing to not only find a product that actually works but as an added bonus, it is made of completely natural ingredients, the packaging is biodegradable and the customer service is exceptional and very personal! 

I am absolutely thrilled with both the bespoke supplement and the liquid caalm product; it means that Szello doesn’t have to suffer the upset and panic that she has endured for so long.  I only wish that I had found Hackup Bespoke years ago!!

  • Hack up bespoke team

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