No more hiding for Rufus!

No more hiding for Rufus!

Rufus has gone from cowering and worrying to being confident and even finishes his meals now!

Rufus is almost 6, he is a Bedlington x Whippet and by nature has always been a nervous dog.

We had had help with his behaviour from Helen Goodall the behaviourist in the the past. After the last fireworks night his anxiety increased to a point that it had never been at before. He was scared of every loud noise. He has to live with two young children so his environment isn’t peaceful! He became anxious and withdrawn, he would shake, dribble and hide. I contacted Helen and she recommended restarting a product we had tried or Hack Up Bespoke. I chose Hack Up as it is a local company who provide natural products and tailor them to the animal. Since being on Hack Up Rufus is a different dog! He is confident and inquisitive and he wags his tail again! He also finishes all of his meals which is something he has never done. I am so glad we discovered this product! My own words, Heather Holder.

The product created for Rufus was to help him calm, reduce his anxiety and bring him back out of his shell.

"Dogs supplements are different to horses due to the fact that it is so easy to unsettle their tummies. Most supplements and clinical drugs have side effects that tend to upset their stomachs. I worked very closely with professionals as the range of our first bespokes were created to ensure we did not sell products that would make the dog worse than they were before their owner contacted us for support and help.  We have now formalised our broad range of first bespokes into a fabulous range of First Step Formulation products."

This is what Rufus is now thriving on and it is available as a first step introduction to bespoke for everyone.

Select Calming from the dog products page to get the same FIRST STEP FORMULATION.

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