Our 1st CAT!!!

Our 1st CAT!!!

Lilly the cat is much more adventurous as she is more comfortable on her Bespoke.

Lilly is a yard CAT! Yes, a cat! She's about 14. She's not actually our cat, she belongs to the Yard owner where we also live but we have sort of adopted her and become extremely fond of her.

So when we started to notice she was limping quite badly, losing weight and struggling to jump we started worrying she wasn't going to last much longer. We decided see if Hack Up Bespoke could do something for her. We put her on the recommended Hack Up Bespoke supplement, she's been on it about a month now and we have really noticed a difference. She is still limping a bit but she's jumping so much better and has put on weight. And her coat looks much healthier too! Getting her to eat her food with the supplement in can be hard, but we've managed it! The Hack Up team said that next time we could try putting a little less turmeric in to try and get her to eat a higher dosage which I think could help as the Turmeric is quite a strong smell/taste.

I am really pleased overall, and so glad that Lilly seems more comfortable now. She's also become much more playful which we love! Thankyou! Ellie

  • Hack up bespoke team

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