Tyler Back Chasing the Wheelbarrow Again

Tyler Back Chasing the Wheelbarrow Again

Well what can I say Hack Up has come up trumps again. Tyler is back running around the fields and chasing the wheelbarrow.

Well what can I say, HackUp has come up trumps again.

I have used HackUp bespoke successfully for a number of years for mine and my daughters horses. 

In September last year after lots of tests my dog Tyler was diagnosed with liver problems, he was so poorly he was given weeks to live. Armed with medication we brought him home for palliative care. However, someone forgot to tell Tyler! Eight months on he is still here. He is happy and looks well in himself but over the last couple of months he slowed down a lot on his walks and was lagging so far behind we were having to wait for him to catch up. I decided to contact HackUp to see if they could offer anything to work alongside his medication. A bespoke was formulated and I decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did. Already safe in the knowledge their products are brilliant, I still cannot believe how quickly Tyler’s bespoke has worked. Within 3 days (really!) he was running around the fields and when I’m poo picking the field he is back to chasing the wheelbarrow trying to bite the wheel as I’m pushing it along. I’m truly delighted to see him like this.

HackUp bespoke products really are the best and I cannot rate them highly enough for their wonderful products and service.

  • Hack up bespoke team

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