10% extra FREE - We all love our animals
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10% extra FREE - We all love our animals

LAST DAY 10% extra Free bespoke for any formula.We LOVE our horses, our dogs and cats as much as we LOVE our planet.Apply the 10LOVE coupon code and get 10% extra FREE bespoke in your order and plastic FREE too.

Our dream of changing the way we supplement our animals has come true. Our motivation was for happier animals and to make happier owners. Our passion for bespoke supplements has led us to own our dedicated handmaking factory, where your own bespoke supplements are made, using fresh and preservative-free ingredients that are made to order and delivered the next day. We love our planet too, so the plastic-free packaging that we launched in 2018 has become an industry game-changer.

The power in the holistic herbs and minerals are recognised by 1000's of customers for their effectiveness for each animal. Our customer-proven products have seen us win awards and grow at a speed that enables our products to be lovingly handmade with care and attention to maintain our impressive customer service.

We thank every customer who trusted in us to change the way they supplement their animals. It is because of every one of you that we are where we are today - we now send our love and thanks through product points, so we give back just as much as we did when we were small.

The subscription Buy and Book builds in all the coupon codes in the year and is still the cheapest way to buy.

Thank you Alex & Jayne x





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