joint combo powder and liquid bespoke

500mls FREE liquid with every B&B to celebrate EMMA's WIN

Emma is REGIONAL CHAMPION with Hugo who she started on the joint combo 6 months ago and can not believe his new feel and now RESULTS are showing it!!

Emma Jablonski is riding HIGH on her golden ticket to the Nationals on Hugo her 19 year old advanced horse. Hugo is now Regional Champion at Inter 1 in his 19th year! We worked quietly with Emma during the development of our incredible joint liquid when combined with the bespoke powders.  Today we are celebrating with all our B&B customers and giving 500mls FREE with all newly signed B&B orders before the 31.7.22.

Emma became a Hack Up Bespoke customer in 2019. Only a chance conversation with Jayne Gingell on a Saturday morning regarding a delivery brought Emma's capabilities to our attention. "I heard so many good things about Hack Up Bespoke that I put in a form and off I went. The changes to digestion and mobility were seen in a few days! I have now been involved in product development with Jayne and Nicola and my goodness what they are doing is INCREDIBLE! Hugo was not feeling a through on both hind legs until I tested and developed the Joint Combo with them.  I have all my horses on this now, the younger ones are being supported to try and avoid what many refer to as an 'oil change' as they get older. I much prefer a natural approach where possible.

I can not recommend this company and their unique bespoke products highly enough. You owe it to your horse and yourself for a happier world by working with the capable, knowledgeable team of friendly ladies. Everyone is treated with equal respect and time whether you ride for fun, hack to chill or aim high and fly. I can not thank everyone enough.

You HAVE to take advantage of this offer and I am quite humbled to be promoted in this way - but if it helps you and your horse then that is all that matters. The team will select if you require Instant Liquid Caalm, Joint Gel, Soothe Gel, Air plus. B&B annuals are so discounted in the price you will never get a better deal for such incredible quality and no one else does anything like it in the UK.


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