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Abigail Taylor is back to winning ways - on Hack Up Bespoke :)

When you realize that nothing quite hits the spot like Hack Up Bespoke, we'll be here to help you get back winning again.

Indie had a complete meltdown at Sheepgate with the wind and rain and tarpoline roof, his first test was one of his worst. I called Hack Up Bespoke that afternoon and before 9am it was delivered at Tack and Togs shop for me to use. The Instant calmer is just that, instant! It never dampens any horses spirit it just keeps them listening and concentrating under increased pressure. We had one of our best dances together at every test at the show.

I have publically aligned myself to other supplement companies after first working with Hack Up Bespoke due to sponsorship offerings,  however, we are back out of choice with the knowledge that the trendy new snacks to calm your horses really do not do anything at all!

Recent update 71% Medium and great training with Elly and Mark Ruddock have also supported this combination perfectly.  However, keeping the focus and concentration at a competition we have to thank Hack Up Bespoke. x
Abigail Taylor

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