Bally is getting more confident thanks to her bespoke supplement!

Hi Lexi, some photos of Bally attached. She is not a particularly confident mare and does get a bit of "stage fright" at competitions, but the supplement has definitely helped her, and she is becoming more confident the more we go out.

Our highlight was the BD Regionals at Prelim earlier this year. As you can see, she really enjoys her jumping and I am working on her becoming more confident x country with a view to doing some low-level Eventing. We have recently qualified for an Area Festival at Novice level and will be doing that in early August.

I am very pleased with this supplement, it seems to suit her well. She is much more attentive in training and is very happy in herself. I am finding that I am not using so much now to get the same result! Thankyou!

  • Hack up bespoke team

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