Charlotte Cooke

Charlotte Cooke

The love of her horses behind the headliner results.

Charlotte Cooke and her family are dedicated to the care and support of their horses and daughter. This photo really captures the feelings of both the horse and rider. Claire, Charlotte's mum is very hands-on and open to looking at all elements of horse care for the best results. Nicola Haden Scott created the bespoke supplements for both ponies. "Midnight Dancer Casper has been with us since 2014 and we were credited to supporting his early years by his previous owners who gained 3 gold European medals.  Today Casper is on totally different herbs and minerals to support him in his life today."

Theo, Linseannor Tulia, also has liquids as well as a powder to support the hotter temperament that gives the super exciting results, recently winning Pony International at Cirencester CCI-2*.

Both horses are thriving on their supplements as part of their total holistic health, supporting all of them as individuals is something the top horse people are embracing and communicating to the world. I love Klaus Balkenhols horsemanship skills who was recently quoted to say "A horse should work from joy not subservience" this picture really shows the connection and love that Charlotte and her family are putting into their horses. It is a pleasure to work with them and align our thinking to give fabulous results.

We are looking forwards to meeting Charlotte and inspiring Katya even further in her riding, and of course have big cuddles with these two beautiful boys.

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