Joints mobility and confort.

Hack up bespoke team

Charlotte Thomas loves bespokes for joints

I have so many vetern horses to compete that I know I should not even begin training unless we are supported by Hack Up Bespoke

I am an avid fan of Hack Up Bespoke ever since 2014!  I have had so many bespokes for so many horses, they  have been refined repeatedly as I needed to get better mobility and comfort as the years went by or expectations increased. I am now thinking that I have to be one of the best riders to be able to recommend joint bespokes to everyone!

The support and knowledge of the team headed up by Alex and Jayne Gingell, who I have known through mu mother for decades, means I know what is going on behind the scenes. It is something I put my horses on, and tell all my clients to use.

As a British Dressage North West rider having them sponsor our region is a bonus! So many of our members already know the power of bespoke from their own first-hand experiences, so most of our committee are bespoke lovers too, including our RDO Nadine Murray.

  • Hack up bespoke team

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