Chloe and Ebony

Chloe and Ebony

Chloe knew she needed something to help support Ebony for her next eventing season.

I can’t remember exactly when I first saw your products, but I knew in January time that I was going to take the plunge to go Eventing again this season and knew I’d need to find the right things to support that.
When I saw your full page in H&H around that time I rang and ordered and spoke to Jayne on the phone for about an hour and half and it just filled me with confidence that it could be a step in the right direction for both Ebony and me.
Current product we use is a calm bespoke mix. It’s been so nice to just enjoy Eb recently, she can be notoriously hard work and can wave the sass wand when least required, but we seem to be able to strike a reasonable balance now and that is definitely due to her bespoke mix. I’ve been able to do lots of calm hacking to get her fitness up and weight down has made such a difference to her performance!
Photos are from Buckminster BE.
(credit is Action Replay Photography)

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