Ellie Healy goes for GOLD! The perfect equine fairytale.
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Ellie Healy goes for GOLD! The perfect equine fairytale.

Ellie Healy trained her own 4 year old to the heady heights of JUNIOR GOLD EUROPEAN medalist with the support, love, experience and knowledge of Sarah Healy - the proudest Mummy moment ever!!

"When Sarah first phoned me to tell me what Bespoke had done for her horse Callum, I was thrilled, we always help older horses feel more comfortable, but Callum was different, he was helping Ellie become a gold medalist" said Jayne GIngell, marketing director of Hack Up Bespoke Ltd.

The perfect equine fairytale was about to unfold, but at the time, none of us knew!

Tim Brown trained Ellie on Callum for months, Tim shared his own story about how they were to train.  "Well" he began "I turned up after weeks of training the duo and could not believe the difference. I asked if they had loaded lots of veterinary support into the gelding as he was actually moving!" Sarah divulged her secret "I saw bespoke supplements being advertised and thought it was worth a go, it seemed to make sence." says Sarah. "It was not  too expensive and so I had to give it a try! " ends Sarah. Tim was amazed at just what he was watching, Callum had been in the field for months with no expectation of ever competing again. This bespoke solution was affordable and totally competition safe to FEI level!  It was the first he heard of bespoke.  Within months  Antonia, his wife,  also crossed paths with the brand again, it was only a few weeks later that the Browns became  proactive customers, right back to 2016.

"We had bought Casper, Midnight Dancer, only a few months earlier. We planned to start him in consistant work so I thought I would use Callum's bespoke to support his young skeleton, so we could really develop him into what we hoped he could be.  I know it is not what we were supposed to do with bespoke, but I thought I would give it a try! Casper thrived along with Callum.  They were both in hard work and supported so,we could keep in the fitness work consistantly and keep training progressively." said Ellie Healy

Our journey with bespoke did mean we could start creating different products for different horses and we did get with the concept of changing the formulations too.

As time went on Tim and Antonia Brown saw the savings and flexibility of the bespoke supplements, as well as the amazing results.They became actively involved with the advertsing for the dressage market.

"I can not recommend the bespoke supplement digital innovation highly enough.  Their personal care, knowledge and first hand experience is so valuable and unique offering results that for us, were beyond expectation. I urged all event and dresasge riders to really open their minds to this new innovation." ends Ellie Healy.


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