Emma Allan tells all her Hack Up truths.

Emma Allan tells all her Hack Up truths.

Here’s a SERIOUS serial Buy & Book offender's Hack Up Bespoke write up...

"I’ve been a hackup customer since November 2016 and have been using B&B since august 2017, I started using it for my old mare who was starting to have joint issues and it worked so well I didn’t need to use the vets more expensive supplements, I then recommended it to my liveries and ended up with most of the horses on the yard having their own bespoke supplements, we had quite a few oldies that needed a bit of extra help, unfortunately the yard has now closed, we only have 8 horses here now, 6 of which are still hackup customers.
The hackup team are always so helpful with any questions or orders and it’s always super fast delivery, would definitely recommend (which I often do when people are asking about supplements on Facebook). This is my horse Mr Manjana."
Emma Allan

  • Hack up bespoke team

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