Evie's rescue story

Evie's rescue story

After her tragic start to life and a late breaking-in we are showing her a new life and way. She is an adorable mare - she deserves the best.

Evie joined the family after the two adult children saved her from a very unpleasant home. Her feet were badly overgrown and in very poor condition. She had never had good care, she was in a herd with minimal human contact.

She had been left unbroken til 7 years old, showjumped then turned away. Her mental scars were deep rooted and we continue to deal with them in a positive way. We started her again from scratch, taking things very slowly and building her confidence which was a must. This has taken some time but she is an absolute sweetheart. We told our farrier that we were going down the bespoke route for supplements, he was very sceptical, but we had heard great stories. Being a lover of all things natural after feeling the effects of chemo myself, we did not hesitate. I had heard too many good things not to use this supplement as my first attempt and oh boy am I pleased we did.

After the advice from Alex and Jayne, we now have both our mares on bespoke supplements. Even my farrier was impressed when he saw her 6 weeks later!

"The condition of Evie has improved immensely together with the condition of her hooves" said Tina. "We have had her through her first few sessions of the farrier with the vet in attendance to sedate her but her overall way of handling and in the last six weeks riding her has been amazing. She has now had her teeth done, physio, back, you name it, we have done it. But by far, the best decision was to contact Hack Up Bespoke. Now we are working her as more of a typical ridden mare. She is starting to find her feet, improving her fitness and her personality is shining through."

"I contacted the team at Hack Up Bespoke again to discuss how we could support her further as she was becoming hotter again, and on occasions, very spooky and unpredictable. Yet again, the advice and understanding I received was fabulous. As well as them sharing their own stories, their customer's experiences and why they have key ingredients in their products, and what their effects are on most horses. I even revised Lexie’s, my gorgeous piebald 23-year-old Irish draughts supplement, at the same time. Again, our farrier has commented on how much more flexible she is. She too is looking amazing! With Evie, after more great advice, we are now going to increase her bespoke powders and we have brought forward the next delivery of the Buy and Book for her as well as adding on Instant Liquid Calm. We took advantage of the Christmas offer and got 500mls refill pouch FREE when we ordered the 1litre dispensing bottle. The service was so great we even got a FREE bobble hat for the winter too as an extra gift. We have recommended Hack Up Bespoke to so many of our friends and benefit from extra points to put towards extra clothing and mounting blocks."

"I can not express how great we think this company and its products are. My daughters and I want to thank The Bespoke Team so much but more importantly, so does Evie. xx"

  • Hack up bespoke team

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