Four generations of Gingells and now home schooling!

Four generations of Gingells and now home schooling!

Betty Gingell ignited the heritage of Hack Up Bespoke as our roots, is steep in four generations of Gingells was made public by H&H

Bespoke is an innovation based on the science of ancient documentation of the benefits of herbs and minerals.  The effects of our bespokes have been recorded and have been used by 38,000 horses and 2500 dogs. Formalising this data runs a risk of loosing the competitive prices as legislation would be applied. We have chosen to share our family's knowledge of horses and dogs all over the world so everyone can benefit.

The interaction of the natural calming herbs goes back to the medieval days, with chamomile from the daisy family settling nerves, with ginger rootcontaining masses of antioxidants that are vital to mop up the free radicals that your body produces when ill or stressed. These naturally reduce as your body ages. Milk thistle from the thistle family is amazing for the liver and hormones, I wondered why Junior picked thistles as the first choice when he first arrived at our home - horses just know what they need.

Bespoke does need your input. We know all animals are different and there is not one formulation for all so every horse is treated as an individual.  We understand that things change so every bespoke can be refined as we get your feedback on how they are responding,. In clinical medicine there are results and side effects, in complementary medicine, there are reactions to natural herbs. Different words same process.

Now as the dog campaign expands, we have launched dogs slightly differently. Our years of research has identified key quantities of herbs that react in an adverse way on almost all dogs. Therefore we are beginning of the dog campaign using our formulations that have worked for 1000's of dogs before we begin to refine them for improved results, it basically sets us off on the right footing and then allows us to refine if required.

As these days of homeschooling are forced upon us Katya Gingell is getting extra time in her early years to absorb the lessons of her forefathers and parents by working with the team. Her dogs and horses are close friends who now add a new dimension to playtime. Packing and dispatching 100's of hand samitiser to support people in this crisis is going to be a memory we hope she remembers as she grows.

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