Georgina Birley gives her take on Hack Up Bespoke and the Buy & Book facility ....
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Georgina Birley gives her take on Hack Up Bespoke and the Buy & Book facility ....

Georgina tried the Bespoke formula once, then opted for the Buy & Book straight away!!

"I was recommended by other owners on a group on Facebook to look into Hack Up Bespoke. My gelding Joey was really unsettled with his head and it was really hard for me to see him so uncomfortable in himself. I had exhausted all the usual avenues so I jumped at the chance to try Bespoke.

Alex helped me get other components into the formula that would help his digestion as well as the unsteadiness in his head and so that meant I could stop the other supplement I had him on.
The nosemask he wore each day, all day certainly helped but I noticed he was definitely more settled and happier when on his bespoke mix, so the combination of the mask and bespoke looked like the best way forwards.
At that point I decided to go for the B&B, being a full time working mum to Joey and my two dogs I need to be savvy with money so it was the best option for Joey and myself. Over time the little sod figured out that his field neighbour could pull his mask off for him! So to my horror when arriving at the stables in daylight was out he would usually have been thrashing about, but he wasn't! I could have cried happy tears! So over the past couple of months I have gradually been removing his mask for limited periods of time supervised (to ensure I'm there to put it back on if needed) to see how he does in daylight again and he is now currently mask free whilst I'm sat here on my lunch break at work! I recommend to anyone, regardless of what supplements they are after as it can be completely bespoke to that horse.
The Hack Up team are all so helpful and always offer your help if and when needed and being able to amend the delivery dates is great.

Now I am so grateful that I have my happy horse back again x"

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