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Helen Goodall dogs tried and tested

Helen worked closely with our experts before putting her name to the new campaign.

I began using Hackup bespoke for my own horses years ago. I was fortunate as the hand making and formulating factory is in a neighbouring village and so I could collect my bespoke product, sit with the formulators and see it being made. The team were really welcoming. We discussed the use of a bespoke supplement for dogs, one of my own suffers chronic skin issues. I have tried many nutraceutical and pharmaceutical options, aiming always for the natural route where possible. My dog's skin issues are not curable but alleviating the symptoms from the ongoing condition is the challenge. I was really impressed with the results which reduced his symptoms and maintained a consistent improvement. I now have four of my animals on bespoke. 
I've been a Dog Behaviourist for nearly 20 years, offering home visit consultations and running Behaviour Clinics. Meeting the formulators at Hack up began a working relationship with their senior formulator Nicola. We began to work on the calming aspects of bespoke for dogs that suffer from of stress and anxiety. I have always preferred a natural option where appropriate, but could not advise clients try something I had not had first hand experience of. Promoting calm opens the window for increased learning capacity; essential in improving problematic behaviours where anxiety and fear is so often a symptom. 
That has been my 2 year journey with them and now I am thrilled to be associated with a company who is manufacturing to international standards for quality and trace-ability, listening to owners and working with them to support their animals. The beauty of bespoke is just that, formulating the right product for the individual needs. The team are experts in supplementation, you can order online or talk to them over the phone or in person. There is no obligation to buy and the advice and experience is trusted and valuable.

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