Helen Postle relieved, to say the very least!!

Helen Postle relieved, to say the very least!!

When things go wrong, you need a calmer that freakin works!!

"I use your liquid calm for my boys when I take them jumping. Toby, my new boy gets a bit stressed when he's in the trailer, he's alright while its moving, he's not too bad when your stationary as long as the engine on the car is running but as soon as you turn the engine off, he starts kicking and kicking.
So today I was supposed to be going showjumping, last week we did x-country and he was a bit bonkers so this morning I gave him double the quantity I normally give him.
We set off, got 2 miles up the road and the transmission gave out on the Landy while going up a steep hill. I tried to reverse down the hill and ended up with the box stuck halfway up the bank. couldn't go forwards or backwards, couldn't get the horse off the box because it was on the bank and no room to get the ramp down.
To say I was stressed is putting it mildly. Had to wait ages for someone to come and tow us up the hill then to get another car to come and tow the box home. In the end Toby was on the box for 4 hours.
He stood chomping on his hay the whole time, never kicked once, no stress at all. All down to your Liquid Calm without a doubt ? ? thanks very much, you saved my life today."
Helen Postle

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