In 2018 I was delighted in 2021 I am Over The Moon!!!

In 2018 I was delighted in 2021 I am Over The Moon!!!

Hack Up Bespoke Joint formula keep Jude's Art comfortable and flowing into his retirement.

Today a memory from three years ago popped up on my facebook!! This isn't a photo I'm proud of, but it actually says more than I can put into words. This is Art, 23, he has been with us for 18 of those years! He has always been a handful! Not nasty, but full on! Brakes never seem to work and he whips round quicker than you imagine! It's just the way he is! I wouldn't change him for the world. This time last year I had spinal surgery, 3 discs in my neck removed. The thought I would ever be able to ride again had gone.
I already knew that Hack Up Bespoke was helping alleviate his arthritic joints so I asked Alex about a calmer to help take the lid off! Well, this is what happened. Due to my surgery and lack of energy and strength, I confess to using the draw reins as a little security due to his enthusiasm for life! For the 1st time in 18 years I have been exercising him on The South Downs in a snaffle ? no martingale, no draw reins, no other gadgets! I do believe that his diet has a major contribution but it is without a doubt the performance of his Hack Up has surpassed all expectations on the ability to contain his excitement in an area where normally he would dictate! Jude Ansell 2018
2021 Only the hard ground slowed us down and I never expected to in 2018 to still be even more delighted with bespoke that I was three years ago!!! We have refined our formulation as we have aged - what an amazing company, products, results and team! Thank you from the bottom of my heart - and just keep doing it! xx Jude Ansell 2021

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