Judy Nolan has a cool, calm and happy cob called Bazel!
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Hack up bespoke team

Judy Nolan has a cool, calm and happy cob called Bazel!

Yet another contented customer using a 2 pronged Hack Up attack on stress and tension. Now protecting the joints too.

"By using a calming bespoke powder at maintenance levels my previously spooky cob is soo much calmer and laid back! l then use the liquid calmer when competing which keeps him relaxed just when I need him to be. He was so spooky before & where my old yard was it wasn't safe to hack and I've moved yards & gave cob the liquid calmer & after 6 years am now able to hack!! Of course, he is a horse & will never be bomb-proof but thanks to Hack Up Bespoke being able to enjoy him in all respects.  I've also got him on a Joint supplement as he's now 13 & l want to protect him."

Judy Nolan


  • Hack up bespoke team

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