Junior thrive on joints bespoke
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Junior thrive on joints bespoke

Four years ago Rossdales feared we were close to losing Junior. He is now working Inter 2 at home and out at PSG as well as training Katya age 11.

There is nothing more real and honest than exposing the breakdown of your own horse. We hope his journey of clinical and complementary can bring new lessons to riders trainers and owners.

Junior has his 17 year old joints supported using key herbs, Boswellia and Tunermic, minerals are MSM and Zeolite and antioxidants are boosted by ginger. As he ages his body reduces the number of antioxidants are in his system. As his joints age, the body needs to use its own immunity harder to keep him comfortable, free radicals roam in his system which are then mopped up by nutritional antioxidants in ginger tumeric and bosweillia, the combintaion and ratios are all unique and play a part for every horse but as every horse is different, every formulation is too. . The calming settling herbs to reduce discomfort into flare-up also improve his comfort levels. Our vegan glucosamine has been reported by customers for years as offering great results on 1000s of horses and not many supplement companies use this ingredient, so perhaps this month the secret is out! 

Grand Prix rider Luke Baber-Davis has trained us carefully since the breakdown with the knowledge and trained eye of what signs to feel for. "Junior is a complete dude, a true schoolmaster. Today he is also training the lucky 11-year-old Katya to become the best rider she can be.  I remember sending Jayne to Rossdales to look at his hocks, 3 weeks later he looked brilliant, only Rossdales had told her to use her own supplements as clinically they were not prepared to use their options. I am quite honestly truly astonished by what can be achieved with just natural supplements, lots of care and alternative therapies of lazer and the Activo Med floor he uses daily."

The power of Bespoke is perfect for chronic conditions but we feel strongly that it must not replace clinical solutions for acute conditions. Bespoke begins with every rider and owner having a full personal assessment to start their Bespoke journey. In here we ask 60 questions and have upload sections for vet files, x-rays and images. If we ever feel that a clinical assessment is required we will also request this before creating a formulation. Our own horses always have Rossdales without hesitation and Bespoke uses horsemanship skills not only in the formulation of every product but also in the assessment of every horse.

More recently Rossdales have informed us that Junior also has an overactive allergen response. This has caused systemic circulation issues and his legs and body to swell to dangerous levels for the past three summers, which we initially thought was started from inside his skin. Then the overuse of harsh medication then caused foot issues and the beginning of rotation. The cause of the issues is now known to be fly bites! This summer is the first time we are looking at competing in July. He is out at PSG in a few weeks and the changes in his Bespoke have been a huge increase in the mineral MSM for circulation. MSM is often used for joints but it also helps the system move fluid between tissues as part of circulatory systems. Spirulina, the powerful superfood, is also used to support his overactive allergen responses and garlic to protect against flies has also been increased. He is now 16 and stronger, fitter, and happier than we have ever seen. He is turned out daily too with friends, muzzled if required. His farrier work includes what we call his Air footwear, with padded soles and super light hind shoes. His physio and saddle fitters are every six weeks and he is hacked out 5 days a week in straight lines in a full covering fly sheet in Summer!. 

Bespoke works in with your whole team of professionals. We continually assess and refine supplements to support the behaviours and observations at that time. Pre-paid B&B's can adapt and change between each delivery keeping Bespokes highly affordable, flexible, powerful, and targeted.

Bespoke works mainly for those riders and owners who enjoy taking responsibility for their horse's wellbeing. They work with a professional team of people but know deep down what works for them. They feel the difference, see the difference and trust their own judgment. This is not at all how everyone likes to live, it is not something that we force on anyone. It is something we support and strive to become the best we can be.

Another beautiful story where the rider remains unnamed for professional reasons:

We had a call from a nurse who's husband is a consultant. They had to perform an emergency field operation with a vet as the equine hospital was too far with the time they had. 

The piece of twisted gut was removed successfully, blood was taken and drugs were given. We then got an emergency phone call saying that we needed to help with herbs.

Our Buy & Book system was already live on this customer's account and the owners knew that the clinical drug had substances in them that would be high risk in this traumatic situation. After clearing a disclaimer of responsibility we used our fresh herbs for this educated owner to use. We allowed them all their understanding medical input and simply supported them. The vet was on board but skeptical and preferred the clinical option but respected the owner's wishes.  We were in daily contact to hear about how her horse was doing, see the results, and watch the outcome. By day 3 the mare was trotting in the field and day 4 cantering. 7 days later she had a perfect blood test result. The joy was overwhelming. She is still happy and thriving today.  The power of the pure herbs targeted for your own situation gives mother nature's plants and minerals the best opportunity to help heal.



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