Karen Condron gives us her Liquid Caalm feedback.

Karen Condron gives us her Liquid Caalm feedback.

Vary the amount you give on the first few occasions and try measure the calming response each time to find an optimum level for your horse / pony. After all, they’re all different!!

"Alex and team here’s an update on Sid...
Sunday 18 April gave Sid 175ml liquid calmer. I have a friend who rides the pony, so off we go, hack going well got near the village football pitch and Sid could hear them, so we trotted on and I started talking to distract him. He was being a thoroughbred seeing ghosts but I was ok with that but what was going to be an hours ride ended up 2 hours as they’d been a landslide so took a route but had to turn back. He was ok with that but we were riding back towards the football game and the second the 2 hours was up he couldn’t cope rearing and 'dangerous Sid' was back. So I got off and walked pass and away from the football got back on but he was not nice/safe to ride so glad to get back to yard and get off.!!
The next hack 23 April gave 150 ml liquid calmer he got 9/10, this Sunday 2 may 125 ml liquid calmer he got 10/10 and my friend gave him a bonus point. He was a perfect hack.
So he will always need liquid calmer. Hoping to give 100 ml prior to a hack and yes hour hack max cause boy oh boy I’m not going to risk 2 hours again. But this proves bespoke calmer powder and liquid caalm really really do work I wouldn’t be able to hack out otherwise - so thank you Alex and team keep making a fantastic product that works."
Karen Condron

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